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Classes & Rates For Professional Obedience
& Behavior Dog Training in The Phoenix Area.


Puppy OR Beginner $150.00


5 weeks - 1 hour per week GROUP sessions AT MY HOME - Sun. 9am

ALL SERVICES are payable directly through our PAYMENT page with a credit card.

GROUP classes are held at MY HOME on the NE corner of Ray & McQueen, in Chandler. Click the map below for directions. Park in front of my home on the street and I will meet you and your pooch in the driveway.



This is the most premiere dog training class where I travel to the customers home, and train/observe the dog and handler in their own home environment.  This service will offer the BEST training results for the dog and personal dog training experience for the owner.  Range of price is often determined by location of customer home and dogs specific training needs.

-5wk, 1hr weekly puppy/beginner class (range is between $525-725).

-10wk, 1hr weekly puppy/beginner/advanced class (range is between $890-1200).

-Hourly rate (range is between $140-175).



This dog training class is where the customer comes to MY HOME in Chandler, AZ for private dog training classes.

-5wk, 1hr weekly class (range is between $375-525).

-10wk, 1hr weekly class (range is between $650-900).


DOG BOARD/TRAIN SERVICE click here:  Board/Train

DOG BOARDING/PET SITTING click here:  Boarding/Pet Sitting


IN HOME TRAINING- Your results will be a calm, obedient, peaceful, long-term positive environment with you and your dog. No more: jumping on guests, potty in the house, incessant barking, digging, chewing, licking, running out the door, counter surfing, pulling on a leash, and overall dog dominant behavior.

Puppy Class: 5 weeks - 1 hr per week PRIVATE* sessions at your home

Will learn but not limited to: Potty training, "home puppy proofing", acclimating your pup to your home environment, socializing with other people and dogs (follow the train), "tin-man" leadership posture, grooming (ie..coat, nails, teeth,) health and nutrition (veterinarian visit expectations and feeding requirements will be covered here), and introductory basic commands: sit, leave it, stay, leash work 101-heel-"stop the train", and off "no jump/touch arm-pit." 8 weeks to 10 months old. NO PREREQUISITE.

Beginner: 5 weeks - 1 hr per week PRIVATE* sessions at your home

Will learn but not limited to: Dog training 101 basics. Now that your dog is closer to being a full grown canine, are you sure your giving them the challenges that they need? Will advance in the socialization of your dog with people and other dogs in NEW environments, will work with basic retrieving and tracking, will discuss boundaries (red zone), territory, and protection. Will learn ALL basic commands covered in the Puppy Class plus: sit/watch, back/retreat, stand, come/recall, down, stay-close, leash work 202 (off the freeway, on the freeway), swimming & water basics, competitive finishes, basic agility, and TRICKS including shake both paws, sit pretty, get the paper, crawl, and play dead. 6 months to any age. DOGGIE STEPS must assess the experience and temperament of the dog to authorize/approve the participation in Beginner, without completing the Puppy Class.

Advanced: 5 weeks - 1 hr per week PRIVATE* sessions at your home

Will learn but not limited to: Adult dog behavior challenging both MENTAL and PHYSICAL realms.This class will be held in an open-field environment (enclosed fenced in ball diamond to begin, then moving to an open green belt or soccer field.) OFF leash obedience will be mastered by applying a strong discipline to VOICE and POSTURE applications with your dog. Will learn ALL basic commands covered in the Puppy Class, and Beginner class plus: sit/stay, stand/stay, down/stay,leash work 400, 10' boundary rope, scent seeking & tracking, WATER WORKS, send away, come with whistle, and sight/sound/touch. An additional 5 agility challenges will be taught, incorporating mental and physical problem solving by your dog. 10 months to any age. Beginner required as a PREREQUISITE.


ALL SERVICES are payable directly through our PAYMENT page with a credit card.

At Home Package Discounts: 10% off for all (3) classes!

All customers who complete a 5 or 10wk -AT HOME- training course will have access to us for ANY dog related needs, 7 days a week, before 9 pm, for the LIFETIME of your dog. The knowledge that we will obtain after our trainings will only make us a better consultant to assist you with any new health/behavior problems that may arise with your dog.

  • $100 PER EXTRA DOG
  • Discounts given to Foster or RESCUE dogs!!

Please contact us for ALL -At Home- PRIVATE Training rates

ALL TRAINING DONE AT TRAINER/CUSTOMER OWN RISK! Clients must agree to the following: I agree to hold harmless DOGGIE STEPS, LLC from any claim for loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to me or to my dog(s) while being involved in training.  I state that, to the best of my knowledge, my dog(s) have never caused injury to any other dog(s) or person.  I personally assume sole responsibility and liability for my actions and the actions of my dog(s) at my own risk. I also agree to ALL terms of this contract. 

Classes & Rates For Professional Obedience & Behavior Dog Training

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe and Gilbert Area Dog Training Classes & Rates.